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1. How often should we test the metal detector with the metal test samples?
The detectors performance, detection and rejection of test samples, should be verified on an hourly basis as well as at the beginning of a product run or at a shift change. Also whenever any settings are updated or changed, the test samples should be used.  Industry standards and auditing requirements may dictate the testing frequency and procedure so do check with QA. Ultimately, the more often the detector is tested, the better. Should the detector fail a testing sequence, then all products since the last test would have to be rechecked.
2. What parts do you recommend for us to keep in our stock?
We recommend having a full spare parts kit on hand. This includes a power supply, search head board, digital board (DSP) and control panel. Having a full set will help when troubleshooting.
3. What is the detector capable of detecting?
The capability of the metal detector is dependent on many factors that will limit the sensitivity. The most common limiting factor is the product effect. In many applications the product may be conductive and acts like metal. This effect must first be overcome before determining sensitivity. The sensitivity is not only determined by product effect. Other factors such as but not limited to, aperture size, operating frequency, product speed and environment may also limit sensitivity.
4. Are there any specific steps to maintain the metal detector system?
Generally the maintenance consists of the following:
Inspecting the detector and system for damage
Inspecting mechanical parts for signs of wear
Ensuring electrical connections and cable entries are tight
Keeping the system clean
5. Does our metal detector detect all metals?
Unless you are inspecting product with pure aluminium packaging, which required a Ferrous in Foil detector, the metal detector will detect all kinds of metal.  Metal detectors are generally tested with Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Stainless Steel test samples. Testing with these three types of test samples will ensure that the detector is capable of detecting all metals.