Taking Food Safety to the Next Level Thanks to X-Ray Technology

scanning: author:Albert from: time:2020-10-04 classify:NEWS
Fanchi X-ray Inspection System

An incredible increase in production over the last years has definitely made an impact at Fiasco Gelato, which started as a small 

scoop shop based in Calgary. Today, the gelato company makes handcraft ice cream in a bigger facility and produces near 5,000 

liters every day.

The expansion of the business, the commitment to reach new customers and the creation of innovative products, have emerged 

potential risks to face in the manufacture and to guarantee that all the products meet the high quality standard.

Making more products means more possibilities to find unwanted materials. To find a solution, Fiasco Gelato decided to install an 

x-ray system at the end of the production line to inspect that all the finished products are contaminant free.

Contact our sales engineer to know more about how Fiasco Gelato found a solution for a full safety inspection.